How To Link Account to DAMGRAM

What you need to do when you get login error.

In some rare cases, linking account doesn’t work. You can use this method below which has 95% success rate.

This method requires you to temporarily disable your Instagram account, wait for some hours and then add it to DAMGRAM before you log in to any other device.

Note: If you run a very active account, we suggest you do this at night or off peak period so many of your followers don’t notice the 3 hours off-time.

Below are the steps to achieve this;

1. Goto on desktop or on a mobile browser and login to your account

2. Click on your profile name

3. Click the Edit Profile button

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Temporary Disable My Account

5. Select the Just Need a Break option, enter your password and click on the Temporary Disable Account button.

6. All you need to do now is wait for 3 hours.

7. After the waiting period. Now open your DAMGRAM account and add your Instagram Account. It’ll be activated automatically.

Note: Do NOT login to Instagram on any device (Mobile or PC) during the waiting period, you should only use other devices after you have successfully added your account to DAMGRAM.

Please do let us know if you still cannot add your account!



make your own beats DAMEMPIRE

Make Your Own Beats, Download Instrumental Beats

Make Your Own Beats

How would you like to Make Your Own Beats

Click Here To Download Instrumental Beats 

I will provide you with tips that will help you along your journey of how to Make Your Own Beats. 

A Simple List of things you need to Make Your Own Beats.

You will need four things to be able to make your own beats is

  1. Passion (Drive)
  2. Music Ideas (Creativity)
  3. Software's (Cubase(PC), FL Studio(PC/MAC), Logic(MAC), Reason(PC))
  4. Midi keyboard


This is the baseline to whatever you decide to do in music. Without the passion you will not have the drive to move forward with your music endeavors. That being said if you have the right passion for music then move to the next point. 

Music Ideas

This is your creativity this will attract the right crowd to you. This is the baseline for you target audience and this ideas will come to you over time. The key to this is consistency and knowing and staying in you lane. Don't leave you lane because you think someone else can produces better, you will improve with time.


You will need one of the hottest music production software's of today to put step one an two into action. I will give you four software's that will help you get along just fine. You will be okay.

Beat making software's for pure beat making purpose are FL Studio(PC/MAC), Reason(PC/MAC) this software are widely used in the industry by professionals, in fact this software are part of the back bone of the music industry. So many hit songs have been made with these software's. They are mainly used for beat making purpose solely never the less Fl studio have the capacity to take recordings but Reason can't do this. Reason is made for making beats only

Cubase(PC/MAC) and Logic(MAC) are at the forefronts of hit music making these two software can handle beat production and recordings. If you need a software that can do both you should get these. There is also another software that can do both recording and beat making and that software is called Pro tools I personally don't use this software but it is another artillery to have in your arsenal. It is highly recommended in the industry also. 

That's the basics you will need to know on how to Make Your Own Beats.

Watch the video below to know exactly how I make my own beats. Also you can download beats I have made from Click Here To Download A Beat

Make Your Own Beat

D.A – Love and Harmony

Love and Harmony is the latest single from D.A which is a continuation of the first song on his EP 'On God' from the 'The 8 Ball Experience'. This single is highly captivating and inspirational and quite heavy with emotions and truth. Click the button below to listen and download.

The 8 Ball Experience

This EP is loaded with original stories about various events which occurred in 'D.A's life, and he is sharing it with the world so people can learn from his mistakes and improve themselves to be more self sufficient and be more Godly minded. D.A is very unique and multi-talented, Click the button below to listen, download and enjoy this EP.

God bless You Amen.

D.A - Shades

D.A – Shades


Shades by 'D.A' is the first single that is released by DAMEMPIRE in 2016. With a unique style of approach to the Hip-hop and R&B musical worlds. His unique voice combined with a unique street musical vibe created this amazing masterpiece. Click the download button below to listen and download this one of a kind masterpiece created by D.A Enjoy, God bless you.

D.A – Counterfeits

D.A – Counterfeits

Counterfeits is the first single released after 'The 8 Ball Experience' EP by 'D.A' this single packs a lot of hit. It is a very controversial issue which occurred in the past and 'D.A' decided to make a single out of this issue. This song is a one of a kind and deserve the very best publicity, a lot of people around the world are going through similar issues in their life's. Click on the artwork to listen and download this single.


Listen & Download

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