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Below are free instrumental beats albums released by DAMEMPIRE. These Instrumental Beats albums contains varieties of instrumentals ranging from Hiphop beats, Rap Beats, Afrobeat Instrumentals,  RnB Instrumentals and many more soothing sounds  for your creative minds and lyrics.

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Primer Beat-Tape Beats


Primer Producer Tape


Primer Instrumental Beat Tape was first released in 2012 by DAMEMPIRE compiling instrumentals ranging from Hiphop, Rap,  and RnB. These beat are one of a kind classicals by DAMEMPIRE. You can record on and distribute these beat at no cost. If sales are to be made with any of these beats kindly contact DAMEMPIRE admin for sales license request.  

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Growth Beat-Tape Beats

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 Some Beats On This Beat-Tape


Afro_Beat (2)



Growth Instrumental Beats Album was first released in 2013 in collaboration with one of Uk finest producer Finesse Family. This Instrumental Beat album consist of hiphop beat, afrobeat instrumentals, rap beats, house instrumentals, rnb instrumentals. This is a unique instrumental beat album with different ranges of musical instrumental. You are allowed to record on and distribute these beat at no cost. If you are to make sales with any of these instrumentals regardless of sales  type kindly contact DAMEMPIRE admin for sales licenses request.  

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