D.A – On God Track Preview

D.A – On God Track Preview
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Duration: 01:13Year: 2015
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This is the first single preview released my the multi-talented artists D.A, Titled – ‘On God’ . This Hiphop single lays down the previous life treating experience which occurred a few months ago (2015). D.A is an upcoming professional music artist with his music he paints a Picasso of his life experiences which reflects the society which he is from. D.A was born in Jan 1994 and have talents in different aspect of life such as music production, singing, rapping, song writing, engineering, computer programming and many more… His new single ‘On God’ is an introduction to the music industry and it is finally due for release on 17/10/2015. His full EP ( ‘ The 8 Ball Experience EP’ ) will be set for a release later this year 2015. Signup to the subscription bar and get live updates on the latest releases from D.A.

God Bless You.

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