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Make Your Own Beats, Download Instrumental Beats

Make Your Own Beats

How would you like to Make Your Own Beats

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I will provide you with tips that will help you along your journey of how to Make Your Own Beats. 

A Simple List of things you need to Make Your Own Beats.

You will need four things to be able to make your own beats is

  1. Passion (Drive)
  2. Music Ideas (Creativity)
  3. Software's (Cubase(PC), FL Studio(PC/MAC), Logic(MAC), Reason(PC))
  4. Midi keyboard


This is the baseline to whatever you decide to do in music. Without the passion you will not have the drive to move forward with your music endeavors. That being said if you have the right passion for music then move to the next point. 

Music Ideas

This is your creativity this will attract the right crowd to you. This is the baseline for you target audience and this ideas will come to you over time. The key to this is consistency and knowing and staying in you lane. Don't leave you lane because you think someone else can produces better, you will improve with time.


You will need one of the hottest music production software's of today to put step one an two into action. I will give you four software's that will help you get along just fine. You will be okay.

Beat making software's for pure beat making purpose are FL Studio(PC/MAC), Reason(PC/MAC) this software are widely used in the industry by professionals, in fact this software are part of the back bone of the music industry. So many hit songs have been made with these software's. They are mainly used for beat making purpose solely never the less Fl studio have the capacity to take recordings but Reason can't do this. Reason is made for making beats only

Cubase(PC/MAC) and Logic(MAC) are at the forefronts of hit music making these two software can handle beat production and recordings. If you need a software that can do both you should get these. There is also another software that can do both recording and beat making and that software is called Pro tools I personally don't use this software but it is another artillery to have in your arsenal. It is highly recommended in the industry also. 

That's the basics you will need to know on how to Make Your Own Beats.

Watch the video below to know exactly how I make my own beats. Also you can download beats I have made from Click Here To Download A Beat

Make Your Own Beat