The study is mainly focused on the ways in which millennial and non-millennial respond to various methods of marketing which involves digital and non-digital marketing strategies.

Since the development of eCommerce businesses, there has been huge market demands to merge online and offline marketing channels to expand businesses.

Online marketing can be divided into various environments like eCommerce websites, virtual communities (e.g. Forums) and social media providing feedback for brand. While sport brands might not maintain the absolute control over all these platforms, it can be used to improve the customer experience by uploading pictures and information, interacting with clients on social media and through the design and information on the corporate website.

This questionnaire will assist in drawing a conclusion to offline and online marketing. This will prove the effectiveness of the merger of online and offline marketing in respect to online sporting brand.

Withdrawal from the study
I understand that my participation is voluntary, that once the questionnaire is completed, it cannot be withdrawn.