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Instrumental music download

Are you looking for Instrumental music  to download? 

I know it's hard to find unique beats online. I remembered when I needed Instrumentals to download to layout my lyric. It was hard because all the instrumentals online have been taken and this was so frustrating. I just needed something new and unique to expand my musical ideas. I figured if beats are not available online, I will then create exactly what I needed and I will share it with the world. Trying to create Instrumental music was first a tough struggle, I visited a family friends studio which wasn't that big but it was enough to inspire me to take the necessary steps to move away from the mental boundaries which I was currently facing. I knew I can make this happen, I just had to figure out how to make it happen. My family friend gave me a software and that's where it all begun. 

How I started Creating beats.

When I first started this journey, it was difficult to first find the right software to create beats with, it was like I was in a rat race. I started out with a software called Cubase which was given to me by a family friend. This software was great and I loved it, but I was lacking the right equipment to create the Instrumental music download ideas which were over flowing in my mind. I never hard a midi keyboard and it was just hard to get down these creative ideas without it; also i wasn't financially sound, I was just a 14 years old boy trying to make beats and sing songs. I figured there must be another way to creating beats which does not involve much of the financial issues. Another challenges which I was soon to face was the issue of learning how to play a keyboard. I have no idea on how to play the midi keyboard so I have to find another way to get around this quick. If I was to continue with the vision of creating beats for to sing, rap, and lay down a stimulating lyrics for my self and for others to download. I must overcome this issue. In 2008 an old friend from Germany told me about FL Studio which had exactly what I am looking for. It is like I hit the jackpot, the holy grail of beats productions and that is an amazing feeling. I could create beats just at will without any of the previous issues which I had before. I could also move it everywhere I go because all I need is just my laptop and an headset. I began making beats and uploading it to YouTube to help other people just like me. Once I started uploading beats on YouTube, I see that people appreciated and love my creative ideas and skills and they started requesting for the Instrumental music beat files (FL beat file). I have a page which you can listen and watch how I create beats and you can also get them at an affordable price with a 30% discount, click beat page to get this discount. Check out my instrumental music download video gallery to watch my videos on how I make some of my amazing beats; you can also check out my instrumental music download beat page for more Instrumental music beat page

To learn more about how to make beats, simply contact me through the contact us page and I will respond to you within 48 hours, alternative you can contact me through our contact number also available on the contact us page.



'Spread it ' Rap Instrumental Beat to download

D.A Ft Chicutie – Actualizer

Pre-Order Actualizer

Here is the second single release from the upcoming EP 'The 8 Ball Experience'. This single features the upcoming Afrobeat Hiphop artist Chicutie. D.A created a unique sound of afrobeat combined with Hiphop to bring out yet another classical single which is currently taking the internet by a storm. Following the first released single of The 8 Ball Experience  ' On God' which performed outstandingly well with over 4k shares on twitter alone within 24hr. Now D.A as decided to surprise his fans by release this second master piece creating a back to back effect in the musical industry

The official full released date is 25/10/2015. Make sure you have this date down in your diary because this single is going to be epic. Subscribe to our website to receive instant email notification once this single is live. You can also request a Pre-order link for this new single by clicking Buy now

Listen to the preview of this new single at the link below.

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‘On God’ New Track Preview

This is the first single preview released my the multi-talented artists D.A, Titled - 'On God' . This Afrobeat, Hiphop single lays down the previous life treating experience which occurred a few months ago (2015). D.A is an upcoming professional music artist with his music he paints a Picasso of his life experiences which reflects the society which he is from. D.A was born in Jan 1994 and have talents in different aspect of life such as music production, singing, rapping, song writing, engineering, computer programming and many more... His new single 'On God' is an introduction to the music industry and it is finally due for release on 17/10/2015. His full EP ( ' The 8 Ball Experience EP' ) will be set for a release later this year 2015. Signup to the subscription bar and get live updates on the latest releases from D.A.

DAMEMPIRE Music Genre are as follows: Afrobeat, Hiphop, RnB, Gosple Rap, Soul, World Music

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